The kings of broadway

Intro for a fictional TV show that deals with crime in the 1920's.

The foundations project

Mockup for the University of Cambridge!
The goal was to create a less boring interface to go through their collections of books, manuscripts.. etc.

Buckos from the crew: @JensVranckx, @SMNPRTZ and @Stenvdb.


Droppr is a FREE simple minifying application that drops your file sizes in just one click!
For more information & download, visit

My pall @_Voles developed this and I'm responsible for the design part.



A native iOS application that tells you the surf forecast.



This is a mockup for a second screen application where you can bet on the surfer, you think will win the heat.

Surfshop Medusa


Website for the most awesome surfshop in Belgium!
Have a look at


This is a multi-user & cross-device game where users can connect, choose an instrument and start playing.
The goal is to make our old man, Andre, younger by letting him listen to the music from back in the old days.
The more music is playing, the younger he gets!

Andre was born in under 18 hours at the Kikk Festival Kontest from 2011.
We also won the jury price!

The rest of the crew: @_Voles, @AugustinDeBie and @smnprtz.

DEAD FOREST: Escape from the bungalow

Concept for an outdoor game put together under 24 hours.

The rest of the crew: @_Voles, @AugustinDeBie and @smnprtz.


A multi-device application built with air.


With Luminance, I wanted to bring forward a couple of things that I find important in life.
Freedom. Every person needs some time for their own every ones and a while. Some time to clear the mind. I find it important not to ignore this.
Warmth. I don't mean the weather with this one. Sure, being on the beach on a hot summer's day is nice. But I mean this in a way that's related to friends and family. The warmth you get from people that care.
Adventure. I'm a person that loves to try new things, discover new places. I find this in traveling.
Joy. Life would be pretty boring without this. One of the things I enjoy allot is surfing.
Health. Treat yourself and others in a good way.